rob and neil, two gentlemen on an adventure.


neil hodges        owner     


his main qualification for the job is a lifetime of sampling beer but he's handy with a screwdriver and a spanner  so he's in charge of all things mechanical.


neil wasted a lot of time in the city before founding paradigm so  got the job of sales & marketing as punishment as well.

rob atkinson        owner


numbers are rob's friends so anything that might involve a spreadsheet is his domain. he's spent lots of time working on some great recipes but occasionally gets made to do the accounts and stuff like that.


when not brewing he loves cricket and football, preferably with a pint in his hand.

we are proud to be members of the campaign for real ale, who've been working tirelessly since 1971 to promote real ale and proper pubs and have kindly given us a few awards, which is nice.

the Sarratt Independent Brewers Association is dedicated to quality ale in Sarratt and beyond.


René François Ghislain Magritte 1898 - 1967      an inspiration, the original bloke in the bowler, gentleman and scholar.

and we're proud to be part of sarratt village community, south hertfordshire.


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