paradigm   brewery

    brewed with finest hops & barley and just a touch of irony








paradigm brewery is based in the beautiful english village of sarratt, hertfordshire

4d, green end farm

93a church lane



wd3 6hh


tel: 01923 291215



sarratt is home to just under 1,000 people and has three pubs; the boot, the cock inn and the cricketers. there used to be five, the wheatsheaf inn on the green and  the red lion, where now only the road remains.


and if you are thirsty but fear that we might not be open, go immediately to the award winning Sarratt Village Shop who always keep a good stock of paradigm ales. It's run by locals for locals so always friendly.

and our watercress comes fresh from Tylers beds on the River Chess, down in Sarratt Bottom. A hundred years ago, there were dozens of cress beds from Rickmansworth to Chesham but now only E Tyler & Sons remain. You can walk along the valley and even drop in to buy some fresh cress. It's really healthy and gives our authentic watercress ale a gentle peppery kick.


The village has been around since about ad 700 and the name's changed a few times syreth, sareth, sereth, seret, saret,  and eventually sarratt. its about two miles from chorlywood and three from little chalfont and rickmansworth. estate agents would probably bang on about the good communications, the m25, train lines to london, the airports and so on but we're not so bothered these days. we like the view down new road looking towards the village and brewery, new road's been there several hundred years by the way...

here's a sign on the green, the church has been around a while.

and from a time when maps came on paper.


paradigm brewery ltd registered in england number 09034875