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brewed with finest hops & barley and just a touch of irony







Fear not, gentlefolk, paradigm brewery delivers!

Well bring award-winning real ale on draught or in bottles, free to your door. We also have hand-made artisan gin for the discerning spirit drinker.

Call us on 01923 291215 or Email

We have a whatsapp group where we announce which of our draught beers are on each week - let us know if you wish to be added.


hand-crafted real ales from beautiful sarratt village in hertfordshire, england. We brew traditionally using the finest hops and malted barley plus a lifelong passion for proper beer and just a hint of irony.....


also available in bottles as well as at good pubs!


our award winning regular ales


award-winning and refreshing pale ale made using spring malt and hops from New Zealand & America. Strong citrussy aroma and flavour with grapefruit dominating and hints of tangerine. ABV 3.7%

award winner at the CAMRA Maidenhead Beer Festival july 2015 and bitter of the festival, woking november 2015

session pale ale for the post truth generation, easy on the eye and easy to swallow........

ABV 3.8%

smooth and well-balanced best bitter made with depth of character. English hops provide a subtle bitterness and American hops, the aroma.

ABV 4.2%

strong dark mild. Very dark. Smooth, sweet and smoky. Contains five dark malts to give depth. Very drinkable & very dangerous! ABV 6%.

A record five times winner, Watford Beer Festival and now a medal from Hertfordshire Beer of the Year 2018. Sometimes called "watford winter warmer" of you happen to be that way and it's chilly!


American style full-on hoppy ale with ũber trendy Mosaic  hops added in the boil, in the fermentor and the cask. Four different golden malts give a broad depth to the flavour.

ABV 4.1% 

Strong hoppy and hazy IPA available in keg

ABV 6%

The most winningest beer in Hertfordshire available in keg

ABV 6%

our beers are natural - we add no nasty chemicals or stabilisers so what you see is what you get; a natural, locally-brewed real ale. This does mean that, occasionally, our beers are a little hazy. It doesn't affect the flavour or aroma though, its a natural part of being, well, natural. Here's some of the chemicals others add, but we choose not to... Magicol AC Kompacticleer - Salicon Liquid - Sodium Benzoate - Zeolite 63 - Eurgh!

If you would like us to add these chemicals to our beer please email us at


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