paradigm   brewery

brewed with finest hops & barley and just a touch of irony







seven of our award winning real ales are available in bottles:


Multi-award-winning and refreshing pale ale made using spring malt and hops from New Zealand & America. Strong citrusy aroma and flavour with grapefruit dominating and hints of tangerine.

ABV 3.7%

Whitehouse approved session pale ale for the post truth generation, easy on the eye and easy to swallow........

ABV 3.8%


vienna malt and european hops plus english know how to give a distinctive refreshing taste.

ABV 4.5%

A moreish IPA with a pleasing hoppy aroma.  Maris Otter malt and a small amount of lightly roasted caramalt gives a clean and crisp base with hints of toffee which acts as a counterweight to the heaps of  British Chinook and Jester hops to add the lychee flavour, provides distinct ripe melon aroma.
ABV 5.4%

American style full-on hoppy ale with ũber trendy Mosaic  hops added in the boil, in the fermentor and the cask. Four different golden malts give a broad depth to the flavour.

ABV 4.1%

Smooth and well-balanced best bitter with depth of character. English hops provide a subtle bitterness and American hops, the aroma. ABV 4.2%

Strong dark mild. Very dark. Smooth, sweet and smoky, drinkable & very dangerous!

Four times winner, Watford Beer Festival and medal winner, Hertfordshire Beer of the Year

ABV 6%

we regularly supply draught ale "bright" for parties and functions in casks of 72 pints, half size "pins" of 36 pints and ultra convenient "bag in a box" in 9 pint, 18 pint & 36 pints.

please email us or call 01923 291215 to check availability and reserve some lovely beer!







what is bright beer?

a normal cask of natural ale, as delivered to a pub, is still "alive" containing a certain amount of solid matter in suspension, mostly yeast but also some hops flowers. a good landlord will keep the cask cool and, a day or so before he plans to serve, he'll tap the cask, set it in place and vent off some of the naturally produced carbon dioxide. this allows the yeast to settle to the bottom of the cask and the beer to clear and is known as dropping bright. fine if you have a pub cellar and equipment but not so convenient if you're having a party at home or in a temporary venue.

if you ask nicely (in other words, a few days before you need it), we can do all this for you and supply the ale bright so you don't have to worry too much about moving it around. we can also rent you a tap and cradle to rest our cask or pin on.

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